Your Voice believes ..

"To make the change, we need to be and see the change "

Bruna Mata
Our Trustee who ensures that the charity is achieving its objectives.

Noor J Butt
Our Youth Potential Director, her background in clinical therapy helps us with our Youth Potnetial project delivery

Ornela Ruci
Our Domestic Violence Association Director, He psychotherapy background and business consultancy ensures that service users are provided support.

Miriam Salim
Our Youth Ambassador - her passion for the cause means that she delivers awareness programs with youths in community with passion.

Alia Ahmad
Our Trustee who ensures that the charity is achieving its objectives.

recent programs

Our awareness workshop programs in Ealing recently recieved the attention of a large number of community members.  We have been able to share our expertise knowedge. Why don't you join us in creating this difference, the time is now..!


We work with vulnerable female citizens who haven't had the opportunity or have been unable to develop their independent skills.  We dedicate our time to our people and aim to succeed in making the positive difference we all deserve.


No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to encourage, enable and empower our youth.  Supporting our youth with their drug and alcohol addiction or involved with anti-social behaviour.

Your VOICE leadership team

your voice time-scale

  1. 1998 - Your Voice services developed and our fundraising event was a huge success.
  2. 2001 - Service users acknowledged support and developed a programme
  3. 2005 - Your Voice grows to continue providing empowering workshops at educational sectors and community venues. Raising 5,000 for our people from non-corporate donors.
  4. 2011 - Shahbaaz Ahmed, Debuty Councillor recognizes Your Voice as one of the top charities in the nation. Your Voice continues to increase volunteers and take services worldwide.
Lets put an end to domestic violence and reduce the issues our youth are facing

Your Voice

Maaria Bhatti
Our Trustee who ensures that the charity is achieving its objectives.