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Paid Positions

Fundraising Consultant - London

Your Voice is looking to hire a Part Time Fundraising Consultant to manage the funding applications and other aspects of fundraising. Please contact us for more details.

Voluntary Positions

Street Fundraisers - London

Volunteer Street fundraisers needed urgently  - please contact us. 

Social Media Administrator - London

If Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are your passion please contact us - Your Voice is looking for someone to manage the Social Media Accounts. 

Events Assistants - London

Interested in organising events? We are currently looking for assistants to support the events team with new upcoming events. For more details please contact us

Statistics on Domestic Violence from thE HOUSE OF COMMONS DECEMBER 2013

​Statistics on the extent and nature of domestic violence. A  direct report from the House of Commons which indicates that more than 2 million people have been victims of domestic violence.

Contact Us for the full report

Your voice goes to house of commons - more should be done for youths

Your Voice is organising a meeting at the house of commons to bring to attention the lack of resources towards youths in boroughs of London. We believe that more should be done. Support us in this move that we are making.

Contact Us for more information

Your Voice calls for community support against domestic violence.

Your Voice has organised a series of workshops and conferences around London. Details on dates, venues  will be made available in April 2014. We are extending invites to everyone who would like to be involved and or be a speaker and share their story with others. 

Contact Us for more information

Lets put an end to domestic violence and reduce the issues our youth are facing

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