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We hope you enjoy the short video developed by young people. The video touches upon youth involved in drugs and alcohol, who reach out for support and find their voice. #WestLondonYouthCentre

We run monthly projects across London, during the year and term time where voluntary mentors work one to work with a disadvantaged young person with the aim of helping them succeed in academic work as well as build their communication skills and character. If you'd like to know more about the projects and what's involved contact us.

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Your Voice appreciates the great work our volunteers do across London. We are a team and working together is enjoyable and rewarding.  

Our volunteering opportunities differ throughout the year such as the following:- 



With your help, Your Voice can make a real difference to our people. Your donation will help us to  develop and continue delivering more inspiring programmes for young people and adults. You can donate as little or as much as you want, every penny helps.

Join our fundraising team! We are always looking for new talent and new ideas to bring to our fundraising programme. Your amazing support helps us bring people together so they can be feel empowered and encouraged.

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