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Noor J Butt
Youth Potential CEO

Lets put an end to domestic violence and reduce the issues our youth are facing

Your Voice

Your Voice supports victims of domestic violence and young people facing drug abuse within London by providing a range of services to Encourage Enable & Empower. We aim to increase the independence, life skills and career development of all our service users.

Our two teams in London need your help immediately. We believe no one should face the challenges of domestic violence and drug abuse alone. Your support means we can reach more people and be the voice of the voiceless. Make your contribution now.

Our Mission

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It is time you work with members in your community and make a real difference

For the past 2 years Your Voice has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the disadvantaged, the most vulnerable who are politically under-represented members of our global community. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time.




Domestic Violence and Youth Crime is on the rise, which is why our charity gets so much attention. Why don't you devote an afternoon or evening to fundraising for Your Voice and see first hand the impact your support has on our service users.

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  • Domestic Violence Association event
  • Service user involvement encouraged
  • Volunteer engagement within West London
  • Fundraising events to raise funds

Find your inner power by VOLUNTEERING

Your Voice is working with various businesses to formulate partnerships for the beneficial factor for our people. We are wanting volunteers to support our cause and businesses to engage with our services. Find out how this experience turned into a corporate partnership that will benefit thousands. It is time to listen to your inner-voice by volunteering.
Miriam Salim
Youth Potential Ambassador

Meet Our Team

Ornela Ruci
Domestic Violence Association CEO

Your voice in Action